Avatar Plastic Framed Glasses

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Accessible via Holo-Me, these glasses provide a single frame of eyewear with the option of clear or darker lenses.


In many cases more of a fashion statement than a medical requirement, eyewear still proves to be popular among humanity in the 3rd millennium.

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Product Information

Purchasing Holo-me items in the Elite Dangerous online store allows you to use them in-game via Holo-Me in your ship's cockpit interface.

Activate Holo-Me by navigating to the right hand panel of the ship's cockpit interface and selecting 'Holo-Me' from the Status panel. Navigate to the Accessories tab and select the option for ‘Eyewear’.

Elite Dangerous In game items. These eyewear items are for use with the PC version of Elite Dangerous ONLY.

Requires Elite Dangerous: Horizons.


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  • PC


  • Elite Dangerous: Horizons