Quick Overview

The Elite Dangerous: Cobra MKIII Variant Pack contains a selection of 8 paint jobs and a 16 piece Ship Kit for you to begin customizing the appearance of your ship in Elite Dangerous. Items included in the pack are as follows:

  • Cobra MKIII 16 Piece Ship Kit

  • Cobra MKIII Squadron Paint Pack

  • Cobra MKIII Ignition Red and Yellow Paint Jobs 


The Faulcon deLacy Cobra Mk III is a classic all purpose ship found throughout human space.

The model was first built in the Cowell & McGrath shipyard of Lave during 3100.

Despite its age it remains a popular ship for lone pilots who value its balance of carrying capacity and ability in combat.

Product Information

Purchasing a paint job in the Elite Dangerous online store allows you to use it in-game via any star port station services.


When docked in your Faulcon deLacy Cobra Mk III bring up the Starport Services Menu. Navigate to the Outfitting menu and select 'Paint Jobs'. Any paint jobs you have purchased will be available to be applied to your ship.


  • Paint jobs are for use with the PC version of Elite Dangerous ONLY.
  • This paint job is for use with the Cobra Mk III ONLY.
  • It does NOT alter the performance parameters of your ship in any way.  It is purely a cosmetic item.
  • If your ship is destroyed, you will be able to re-apply any of the applicable paint jobs you have bought to your new ship in the star ports.