Quick Overview
Give your ship a brand-new voice with this new Eden COVAS release!
The Cockpit Voice Assistant (COVAS) relays real-time information about your ship and your surroundings via your helmet, and is in essence your ship’s ‘voice’. The Pilots Federation has approved some new COVAS variations, giving Commanders new ways to personalise their flight experience. Each ship comes equipped with Verity and Victor COVAS options by default. Eden – Performed by Idun Vik
Product Information

COVAS or Cockpit Voice Assistants change the voice of the computer of your current ship.

COVAS purchases will work for both Elite Dangerous and Horizons players.

Purchasing a COVAS via the Frontier Store allows you to apply it to your ship in-game via any Starport Services with a Livery section.

When docked in your ship, bring up the Starport Services Menu. Navigate to the Livery menu, and select the"Vessel Voice" tab/filter.

• This item can be used with any ship you currently own.
• It does NOT alter the performance parameters of your Ship in any way.
• If your ship is destroyed you may re-apply any owned COVAS you wish to use.