Quick Overview

Have you basked today? Give your inferiors and enemies a sight to behold with an Ascendant flight suit. Elite Dangerous cosmetic item. Requires Horizons.


Although aesthetics may differ, the majority of flight suits in human-occupied space conform to a standard design. Made to keep the wearer protected from the harsh vacuum and extreme temperatures of space, the standard flight suit features a retractable full-face helmet to be automatically deployed in the event of a sudden loss of atmospheric pressure. As well as being practical and durable, the flight suit may also show rank insignia or other personal flair.

Product Information

Purchasing Holo-me items in the Elite Dangerous online store allows you to use them in-game via Holo-Me in your ship's cockpit interface.


Activate Holo-Me by navigating to the right hand panel of the ship's cockpit interface and selecting 'Holo-Me' from the Status panel. Navigate to the Body tab and select 'Suit'. Any outfits you have purchased will be available to be applied to your commander.


Elite Dangerous In game items. These Flight Suits are for use with the PC version of Elite Dangerous ONLY.


Requires Elite Dangerous: Horizons.