Quick Overview

Ship ID Name Plates have your custom Ship ID displayed on your ship. Available in 3 colours across 3 designs.


Can also be copied to a Name Plate slot.


Ships in the 34th Century still need to be identified by shorthand. For clarity of communication Traffic Control, System Security and even Military organisations will routinely refer to vessels by their ID rather than their full name.


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Text you enter will appear in your own game un-moderated, however other players will see a version that has been passed through a profanity filter. Please do not include any personal identifiable information.


You can use any combination of any owned Name Plates, or use the same Name Plate more than once, provided your ship has multiple Name Plate slots. When docked in your ship, bring up the Starport Services Menu. Navigate to the Outfitting menu and in the Livery section navigate to the Name Plate slots.


  • Your Ship Name for the Name Plate will be pulled directly from the text entered in the Livery menu.
  • Name Plates do not alter performance of your ships in any way, they are purely cosmetic.