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1 x Python Raider Ship Kit   +£0.00
1 x Python Corroded 1   +£0.00
1 x Python Corroded 2   +£0.00
1 x Python Corroded 3   +£0.00
1 x Python Corroded 4   +£0.00
1 x Python Corroded 5   +£0.00
1 x Python Corroded 6   +£0.00

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  • PC


  • Elite Dangerous
Quick Overview

Make your point and fly with attitude using this Raider Pack. Containins a Raider Ship Kit and 6 Corroded Paint Jobs. This is purely a cosmetic set of items.


Those on the fringes of society may favour a more intimidating look rather than the sleek lines and fresh paint one might find in more ‘civilised’ areas of space. For some, brutality is a way of life and aggression a matter of survival.

Product Information

Purchasing a Ship Kit in the Elite Dangerous online store allows you to use it in-game via any Starport station services.


  • Ship Kits available on the Frontier Store are for use with the PC version of Elite Dangerous ONLY
  • Ship Kits do NOT alter the performance parameters or hit box of your ship in any way.  It is purely a cosmetic item.
  • A Ship Kit purchase DOES NOT provide the ship itself, and requires that the player owns the relevant Elite Dangerous vessel in game before being able to modify it.