Quick Overview

Weapon Colour Modifications are now available in game to Commanders in both Elite Dangerous and Elite Dangerous: Horizons. Please ensure your software has been updated to the latest version.


Express your individuality even in the midst of combat with the latest Weapon Colour Modification technology. Use guile or style to make the galaxy a better place – at least for yourself!

Product Information

Weapon Colour Modifications are cosmetic items that change the colour of a Commander's weapon systems.  Changes will affect your Ship, SRV and Ship-Launched Fighters. Remote Release Flechette Launcher, Enzyme Missile Rack, Remote Release Flack Launcher, Mines, Missiles and Torpedoes are unaffected.

Purchasing a Weapon Colour Modification in the Elite Dangerous online store allows you to use it in-game via any Starport Services.

When docked in your ship, bring up the Starport Services Menu. Navigate to the Outfitting menu, then to the Livery, and select ‘Detailing’. Purchased Weapon Colour Modifications can be applied to your ship, SRV or Fighter.

• This cosmetic item can be used with any ship you currently own.
• It does NOT alter the performance parameters of your Ship, SRV or Ship-Launched Fighter in any way. It is purely a cosmetic item.
• If your ship is destroyed you will need to re-apply any Weapon Colour Modifications you wish to use.