Quick Overview

Celebrating the launch of the LostWinds series on PC, 3 magical characters (Toku/ Deo/ Notéa) from Frontier’s classic platform adventure games are now available as bobbleheads! Trade, fight and explore the galaxy in style with a LostWinds Bobblehead at your side, bobbing their head in direct response to ship movements and physical effects. Fly safely, Commanders.

LostWinds is now available for purchase on Steam.


Bobbleheads are now available in game to Commanders in both Elite Dangerous and Elite Dangerous: Horizons. Please ensure your software has been updated to the latest version.

Product Information
  • Bobbleheads are for use with the PC versions of Elite Dangerous ONLY.
  • Bobbleheads are able to be displayed on the dashboard of Elite Dangerous ships.
  • Each Bobblehead design can only be owned and displayed once at any one time.
  • For any further queries regarding Bobbleheads, please see our FAQ.