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Store FAQ


I cannot log into my online store account, what is wrong?

Check that you have not made any spelling errors in both your email address and password first. If you still cannot get in you can attempt to reset your password.
If you still cannot log in, or do not receive a reset password email try adding to your address book or approved contacts (depending on your email client). This should then guarantee that you receive the reset password email.
If after going through these steps you are still experiencing issues logging into your account, please contact us directly and we will make sure to resolve the issue for you.

What payment methods can I use?

We have partnered with Barclays SmartPay and Paypal and accept MasterCard, Maestro and Visa cards. However we are working to offer a wider range of payment options in the near future.

I’d like to return a product or cancel an existing order, am I eligible for a refund?

Please read our Cancellations and Returns policy, which explains the conditions under which you would be eligible for a refund.



My order status says something other than 'complete', what does this mean?

There are multiple statuses that an order can be categorised at:

Processing Pre-Order: This means that your order been paid for and invoiced, but that the product ordered is not available for delivery yet (such as a build of the game that is not yet ready for release).

Pending Pre-Order: This means that the product ordered is not available for delivery yet AND payment has not yet been received. If your product has this status, but you have processed a payment, try checking with your payment service provider to see if something is preventing the payment from going through.

Pending Payment: If an order has this status then the payment may not have passed from your payment service provider to us yet. Contacting your payment service provider should allow you to get an update on the status of your payment.

Where can I find and download my digital products?

First, make sure you have signed in.
Digital products will be available on your account by going to MY ACCOUNT > My Downloadable Products. If the product is available for download, there will be an icon in the Download column.

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