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Need help running Elite Dangerous? We've put together a set of Frequently Asked Questions for quick reference. Full technical help and advice is available on our dedicated support site, simply log in using your store credentials


Technical FAQ

How do I download my game?

You first need to get the Elite Dangerous Launcher. Log into your account on the Frontier Online Store, head to the My Account link and then onto My Downloadable Products. Your order will be displayed here along with the download for the launcher.

How do you install the game?

After downloading the launcher you need to install it. Firstly you must ensure you are running the install as the administrator by right-clicking the icon for the installer and clicking "Run As Administrator". Then just follow the setup process and soon you will find yourself at the Elite Dangerous Launcher. Log in with your account details and complete the verification and you’ll then be able to download and install the game.

What are the minimum system requirements for the game?

The game is currently available only on Windows. You will be able to download the game on Windows and/or Macintosh computers once it is available, at no extra charge.

Minimum recommended hardware specification:
Direct X 11
Quad Core CPU ( 4 x 2Ghz is a reasonable minimum)
2 GB System RAM (more is always better)
DX 10 hardware GPU with 1GB video RAM
Internet connection

Supported Operating Systems:
Windows 7.x
Windows 8.x

I’m trying to log into the launcher but it says I need a verification code. Where is it?

Once you first log in and reach the verification window your code will be sent to the email associated with your account. Check your email, including your junk folder, and you should find the email with the code there.

Why am I getting the message "Unexpected response from server: ServiceUnavailable" when trying to log in?

If you are receiving this message when trying to log in to play Elite Dangerous, it could be for a number of reasons.

First, make sure your launcher is up to date. If your current launcher is out of date it will be made clear by a news item and the version number on the bottom right of the launcher. To update your launcher simply go onto the Store site and re-download the installer from “My Downloadable Products”.

It could be down to your firewall settings (including permitted ports), or using a restricted network connection such as a proxy.

Please ensure you are using an internet service that is free to connect to our servers and that your security settings are optimised to allow SSL/TLS traffic.

Most of the scenarios are red and locked for me. Why?

You must complete each scenario to unlock the next.

I have suggestions for the game that I would like to discuss, where can I go for this?

If you have any suggestions you'd like to give us please feel free to provide us your feedback on the Elite Dangerous forums.

I found a bug! I've encountered an issue that is hampering my gameplay experience. What do I do?

If you've found an issue with the game that you believe to be a bug please use the ticket support system on our dedicated support site, from there you can sign in with your login details from the store.

My game has crashed, what do I do?

Make a note of what happened when you crashed. Note down the time that the crash occurred, what you were doing, what scenario you were in, as much information as you can give. Then add this into a ticket at our dedicated support site along with your hardware survey information and send it off to us. We will investigate the crash as soon as we are able.

You should upload a crash report if prompted, or identifying the issue becomes vastly more difficult. Alternatively, attach the crash.dmp file to the ticket using the Attach File section of the support ticket. This can be found in your game directory. For example:


What router settings do I need to connect to multiplayer?

In order to support Multiplayer, Elite Dangerous requires a UDP port forwarded, to and from, the internet.
For most modern routers, Elite Dangerous attempts to use Universal Plug and Play (UPnP), so this should work by default for the majority of our players. First check to see if the UPnP feature is enabled on your router, and turn it on if it isn’t.

However, if your router, firewall or security software does not support UPnP, or you prefer to configure the port manually, then you'll need to configure the port forwarding, and then tell Elite Dangerous where it is on the internet and which UDP port it should use.

Is there a guide to playing the game?

Yes. You can find a guide here that’ll explain how to get started in Elite Dangerous.

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