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1 x Asp Explorer Black Apollo   +$0.00
1 x Asp Explorer White Apollo   +$0.00
1 x Asp Explorer Green Apollo   +$0.00
1 x Asp Explorer Red Pharaoh   +$0.00
1 x Asp Explorer Gold Pharaoh Paint Job   +$0.00
1 x Asp Explorer White Pharaoh   +$0.00

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  • PC


  • Elite Dangerous
Quick Overview

Make an impression with these 6 Lakon approved paint jobs for the Asp Explorer.


The Lakon Asp Explorer is the civilian version of the military model Asp Mk II (which first saw service in 2878).

Lakon Spaceways now owns the licence to construct these ships and has marketed them heavily at customers looking for their first multi-crewed ships.

The ship class has earned a solid reputation for long range missions and those requiring some discretion.

Product Information

Purchasing a paint job in the Elite Dangerous online store allows you to use it in-game via any star port station services.


When docked in your Lakon Asp bring up the Starport Services Menu. Navigate to the Outfitting menu and select 'Paint Jobs'. Any paint jobs you have purchased will be available to be applied to your ship.


  • Paint jobs are for use with the PC version of Elite Dangerous ONLY.
  • This paint job is for use with the Asp ONLY.
  • It does NOT alter the performance parameters of your ship in any way.  It is purely a cosmetic item.
  • If your ship is destroyed, you will be able to re-apply any of the applicable paint jobs you have bought to your new ship in the star ports.