Quick Overview

Included in the Planets of Sol Bobblehead Pack are 8 detailed Planet Bobbleheads representing Sol’s 8 major planets (Sorry Pluto)!


Can’t get home to as often as you’d like? Then bring home along for the ride with the Planets of Sol Bobblehead Pack. Gaze at the beautiful planets of Sol from the comfort of your cockpit. See the Earth despite being all the way in Colonia, or bask in the beauty of Jupiter whilst rummaging around in the far-flung galactic wonders. There’s no place like home, CMDR!

Product Information
  • Bobbleheads are for use with the PC versions of Elite Dangerous ONLY.
  • Bobbleheads are able to be displayed on the dashboard of Elite Dangerous ships.
  • Each Bobblehead design can only be owned and displayed once at any one time.
  • For any further queries regarding Bobbleheads, please see our FAQ.