Elite Dangerous: Mostly Harmless (Audio MP3)

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Commander Angel Rose, forced into a life of crime due to circumstances beyond her control, is determined to survive in the unforgiving void as a professional assassin.

Will she be forced into the ignominy of moving back in with her parents when her efforts fail to leave her with credit-earning blood on her hands?

After years of galactic travel, could Angel’s destiny be to end up drinking cheap liquor in a bar in Slough?...


Written by Kate Russell under official license from the creators of, and based in the vast universe of Elite Dangerous.

10% of the proceeds of this book will be donated to Special Effect who have made it their mission to beat physical disability and allow everyone to enjoy playing video games.

Audio read by Kate Russell and David Braben.

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Author Biography

Kate Russell has been writing and talking about technology, gaming and the Internet since 1995. Best known for weekly appearances on BBC technology programme Click, she is also a regular on the sofa at ITV's Daybreak and other TV and radio stations and writes columns for National Geographic Traveller magazine and Web User magazine.


She published her first book 'Working the Cloud' (about the internet, of course), in 2013, and after a successful crowd funding campaign her second book 'Elite Mostly Harmless' (a sci-fi novel based on the game Elite, which was her childhood inspiration to learn about technology) was published in 2014.


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