Elite Dangerous: Reclamation (Audio MP3)

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Lady Kahina Loren, born into the Prism system’s powerful ruling family, is desperate to throw off the shackles of her privileged lifestyle and discover herself.

But ambition crumbles when she faces death at the hands of the one person she thought she could trust.

With the advanced technology of the 3rd millennium, death is not always as final as it seems, but when that technology malfunctions, is death the better option?...


Written by Drew Wagar under official license from the creators of, and based in the vast universe of Elite Dangerous.

Read by Toby Longworth.

10% of the proceeds of this book will be donated to the Ashford Dyslexia Centre, a charity who do wonderful work with sufferers of dyslexia including one to one tuition, workshops and presentations providing tools to maximise potential.

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Author Biography

Drew Wagar was born in Canada in 1970, but has lived in the UK since 1972. He was educated at the university of Brighton where he studied Computer Science. Drew published his first novel, 'Torn', in 2011 and followed this up with a short story in the anthology 'Fusion' in 2012.

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