Elite Dangerous: Tales From The Frontier (eBook)

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Orbital scrap yard worker Oliver dreams of exploring the galaxy, but when the return of a long lost friend sparks a terrible disaster, can Oliver deal with some uncomfortable truths about his own life? (A Game of Death)

Chenoa O’Laundy is on a mission to find her missing father and bring him home safely, but can either of them escape the Calite Corporation, determined to reclaim their property at any cost? (A Question of Intelligence)

Myles Jarek is a company man on a far flung exploratory mission with a hired crew. Will he be able to return to his previous life or will the Children of Zeus stay with him forever? (Children of Zeus)

These are three of 15 scintillating tales in this eclectic collection where characters from the Elite universe seek honour, truth, retribution and in one case a place to sell 300 year old Lavian brandy.


Each story in this outstanding collection features beautiful artwork created by Arto Heikkinen.

10% of the proceeds of this book will be donated to Plan who do wonderful work promoting child rights to end child poverty, worldwide.

The Stories

  • Crossing The Line by Chris Booker
  • The Comet's Trail by Darren Grey
  • A Question of Intelligence by Lisa Wolf
  • The Easy Way Out by Ramon Marett
  • The Maledict by Tim Gayda
  • Children of Zeus by Christopher Jarvis
  • Pinacotheca by Alexander G Saunders
  • Blood is Thicker by Ulla Susimetsä
  • Beyond Civilisation by Marko Susimetsä
  • Cat's Cradle by Rose Thurlbeck
  • Nature's Way by Gaz Bailey
  • A Game of Death by Allen L Farr
  • Mission (almost) Completed by Matthew Benson
  • Research Purposes by Fred Burbidge
  • Ode to Betty Cole by Nicholas Hansen and Darren Grey

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  • Available in EPUB, MOBI and PDF formats

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