Federation Faction Key Ring

Quick Overview

Democracy and Wealth!

Pledge your commitment to the Federation with this Elite Dangerous faction key ring.


The Federation is arguably the strongest major power in the universe, appearing to be based on democratic principles with leaders being voted to power.

In reality, corporate loyalty oils the machine, and Federation space is a battleground of commerce, with organizations competeing as aggressively as the law will allow for the time and attention of the Federal citizen, who goes through life bombarded by advertising.

Social class is determined between "haves" and "have-nots". There is much poverty, as well as conspicuous wealth. The huge gross domestic product (GDP) of the Federation economy funds a large, well-equipped Federal Navy which projects its values and influence.

Now you can too display your wealth and appreciation for human history, by displaying this Federation key ring with pride.

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Product Information

  • Soft enamel with epoxy on a nickel finish.
  • Approximately 40mm (width).
  • Jump/split ring.

Availability: In stock - Ships within 24hrs

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