You, Me & Gravity: The Music of Planet Coaster - Digital OST

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The whimsically optimistic yet contemplative music of Jim Guthrie often captures the mystery and majesty of life in relatable, universal terms. Along with collaborator JJ Ipsen, he’s taken his instrumental prowess to another level with the emotionally impactful folk and rock 16-song soundtrack for Planet Coaster.

Available to download in both MP3 and FLAC formats


01. The Light In Us All

02. Theories Of An Eager Heart

03. Breakfast Of Champignons

04. With Friendship & Peace

05. Small Hands Make Big Things

06. Dream. Build. Repeat.

07. Aspect Imaginarium

08. Clever Candles Steal The Light

09. Sink Cat

10. You'll Know When It Turns Invisible

11. Theme Parks After Dark

12. Things To Consider During Freefall

13. You, Me & Gravity

14. Pride Of Pimlico

15. Heisenberg's Entryway To Matrix Mechanics

16. And So We See The Truth & Beauty

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