Elite Dangerous: Odyssey - Official Soundtrack

Quick Overview

Immerse yourself in the incredible sounds of Frontier’s Elite Dangerous: Odyssey with this grand collection of tracks taken from the massively multiplayer space epic. Discover 39 masterful pieces, brought to you by celebrated composer Dan Millidge.

From heart-pounding, action-packed instrumentals made for blazing a trail through the stars, to contemplative, calming soundscapes, the Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Soundtrack provides epic aural delights across its 67-minute runtime.


First Footfall: New World

Exploration: Tharsis Rise

Exploration: Vallis Capella

Exploration: Siduri Mons

Exploration: Arcadia

Exploration: Akna Montes

Exploration: Voyager Terra

Exploration: Cassini

Exploration: Aeolis

Exploration: Agnesi

Exploration: Huygens

Exploration: Sputnik Planitia

Exploration: Lacus Gaudii

Exploration: Ligeia Mare

Exploration: Albys Vallis

Exploration: Meni Tessera

Exploration: Tempe Terra

Exploration: Hellas Planitia

Exploration: Solis Planum

Exploration: Tartarus Dorsa

Settlement: Return To Base

Settlement: Refuel

Settlement: Regroup

Settlement: Comrades

Settlement: Unknown

Settlement: Alone

Settlement: Stay Alive

Settlement: Forge Ahead

Settlement: Damaged

Settlement: Beyond Repair

Settlement: In The Dark

Settlement: Lost

Stealth: Infiltrate

Stealth: Reconnaissance

Stealth: Covert Tactics

Combat: Weapon Of Choice

Combat: Only The Brave

Combat: Last Chance

Combat: No Survivors

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